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Parkview Puppy Masterclass Reviews

Having completed the recent puppy course can I just say how informative and easy to follow it was! Although I only caught a few lives it was really helpful that they were still made available for me to listen to as I was working (actually made my job go quicker having company)😂
Having an older puppy there were quite a few “lightbulb” moments which made me understand why he was doing certain things and helped me to move through these situations 🙌🏻
Adam and Meg worked brilliantly together and one of the best things I liked about it was their attitudes.
Some trainers come across as knowing it all and use technical terms a lot which can make you feel like you’ve failed and if I’m honest a bit thick!😬
But these guys aren’t like that,they’re normal down to earth human beings,they’ve made mistakes in the past with their training and openly admit it,then they explain how they’ve moved on to fix it.
By doing this they then enabled me to ask questions without being judged which I personally think is a huge positive so Thankyou guys❤️
I would 💯 recommend the Parkview Puppy Masterclass course
Nicky and Zu
So for 6 weeks now I've been on a course with Adam & Megs!
I honestly can't describe how gutted I am it's finished!
I have learnt so much more than expected, you both compliment each other when you get on a certain subject, it's opened my eyes it's made me realise how much more there is to dog training the fact we talked and covered so many corners, you guys have gone above and beyond.
Your more than approachable, made me feel i can ask or question anything, nothing is to much for you guys!
Adam thank you for helping me understand not everything is so black and white, and those grey areas you've have helped me train a little differently to how I would have originally gone by it.
Megs, god you don't half make me laugh, you've made it really enjoyable, I absolutely loved your handling videos that has also really help me along my way.
You've both just been amazing, I'm very lucky to have come across you both, and I'm looking forward to the next course.
Thank you
Sarah Smith
First of all I’m genuinely sad it finished, I enjoyed it so much!
I really liked the conversational tone of the lives, whenever if veered off topic it was always valuable and/or entertaining 😃 and you bounce off each other really well. I find it helpful when Adam reads out the question he is responding to as I often don’t have them showing on my screen.
I loved the follow up during the week, either in response to questions asked in the group or the demo videos, I wasn’t expecting that and it was really useful. I find that I often don’t come up with the questions I want to ask until after the live has finished, once I’ve thought about things and how they relate to me and my dog specifically so the opportunity to get that level of interaction during the week was amazing! I was always eager for others to ask questions too that I hadn’t thought about because I knew I would learn something.
I only managed to make the lives a couple of time because actually having a young puppy at the moment I was out with him putting things into practice but that was fine, watching them on catch up was good but I generally had to watch in segments as I never had 2-3 hours of time set aside uninterrupted.
Having a new puppy who is the polar opposite to Dave I’m expecting to come across training and behaviour issues I haven’t had before (mostly motivation based judging by the first 12 days 😊) so the timing couldn’t have been better.
I really, really enjoyed it and found it useful with heaps of knowledge that I didn’t know I needed.
Looking forward to more ♥️
Lisa & Doug
I loved this course, I feel so lucky that it started right at the correct time for me, the last week finished a week before I was due to pick up Winter, so for once in my life, the timing was spot on!
The course was laid out extremely well, it would have been helpful if the course week topics had been pinned at the top of the FaceBook page and I would have liked to have had a written breakdown of the sub topics for each week so that I could make my notes flow better, but to be honest, that is a minor detail, especially as it is so easy to go back through each week.
I annoyingly wasn’t able to attend all the lives and I worried that I would miss the opportunity to ask questions, but I found that the ability to go over each topic at my own pace valuable and this then meant that questions could be asked and were answered with a post, a voice live or a video showcasing the answer once the live had finished. I know I wasn’t the only person who found this beneficial and it was an excellent added bonus to the course.
All the topics were fantastic. I genuinely enjoyed each and every one and more importantly, learned an incredible amount with each week that passed. Each topic was clear and well delivered, even when the conversation went off topic, the chat was such that the information was still worthwhile and illuminating. I enjoyed the clear friendship that Adam Wilson and Meg Lewis have, they have such a joyful camaraderie, you just know that they too have enjoyed working on this course together.
Week 5 was fascinating with videos from both Meg and Adam showcasing real life scenarios on confidence and handling skills, (I also love Marks cameo and I am not going to lie, I rewatched the ‘Fuck You’ video a few times as it just cracked me up!). Meg doing a voice over for Adams video with Hannya was amazing and I really enjoyed being able to watch it several times and seeing the body language of both handlers and dogs and learning how important handler body language is.
The course was without a doubt value for money, I am able to go back over all the videos whenever I like and I know that the FB page will be staying up for a while so should I come across any issues, I know I can pop a question up. This is my first ever dog related course and I was not disappointed.
Marianne & Winter
Finally had time to catch up on the last 😭 live.
It's been a brilliant course, I have learnt so much, from things I can use on Caly and even Flint now, to things I can do with the next nothing planned in the foreseeable future but there will be another puppy at some point in time.
Things I found most useful were seeing the short videos, seeing real life situations and how Meg Lewis and Adam Wilson have dealt with it. As always the chance to discuss things on the live is truly invaluable and to be able to have Meg or Adam create a video based on my query or problem was unexpected and brilliant. Love having this as a live journey too, in that there are a bunch of us learning at the same time. Personally I find that more enjoyable and very helpful being able to learn from someone else's query or issue too.
The only thing that would have made it easier for me would to have been to have shorter lives, maybe more weeks to compensate? With the kids it's hard to find a 2 to 3 hour slot that I can sit and get involved in the whole chat without getting dragged away for something. I loved the indepth discussions though that wouldn't have been possible in shorter live sessions, so I guess there's no winning lol.
Thank you for the fabulous, well thought out content and the extras have been amazing. Love ya long time 😘😘
Sarah, Caly & Flint
Looking over the past 6 weeks is interesting as I have one of Meg and Marks pups young scout. As I have said to meg in a private interaction I was lucky as I have got to see her work and socialisation methods in person and also had the advantage of speaking with her over a number of months. Having had rotties scout is our fifth Meg has raised the bar as to what breeders need to do. Having said all that and blown smoke up her arse so to speak this course has made me a better dog owner as what she told me prior to getting scout has been totally reinforced. My only suggestion to improve this course and it will be easy from now on is to have more videos re each facet available to be down loaded at the end of each week. This is because I am a bit of I see I do type person. Eg how to hold a pup, all the stuff on meeting other dogs and people this is invaluable information for and dog owner. Whether they have a new pup,or a slightly older dog. Thanks again guys for an excellent course. Meg even vetted dog trainers in my area for me.
Bill, Denise & Scout
I could not recommend the Puppy Masterclass enough!
Before signing up, I would have said my knowledge on how to raise a puppy was pretty good. I mean I’d grown up with dogs… I’d helped train them to sit, wait, shake - you know the drill. But this masterclass has taught me how much more goes into raising a well-balanced dog – training is just one small part of a much bigger picture, and that’s something I never knew.
Thankyou Meg and Adam for taking me and my partner through it all, and for busting many myths that we’ve always thought to be true. It was not only educational throughout but has been great to refer back to – particularly the videos where we could watch you apply what had been discussed in the prior live.
And to Meg, we cannot thank you enough for answering all our questions in such depth, and with so much passion. No question was ever too silly, and no amount of questions were ever too much. We’ve learnt so much from this process and cannot wait to raise our own little dream dog thanks to what you’ve taught us, and continue to.

Anyone thinking about getting a puppy should sign up to this Masterclass, it's invaluable.
Karen & Brendon - Prospective Starkehre Puppy Owners


We have been apart of the 6 weeks Parkview Puppy Masterclass and just had our last live.
Main word that comes to mind is "WOW!!".
Thank you so much Adam Wilson and Meg Lewis ! The content has been phenomenal.
The weekly lives were fantastic as were the additional videos and answering of questions via a live. It is literally everything you could possibly need to know about raising a very well balanced and confident puppy regardless of what your end goal is. It has really helped me understand what I should and shouldn't do. The content will also be very helpful with Shadow to help develop him into a well balanced dog as the course isn't just aimed at an 8 week puppy. It is "through the ages".
Nothing was ever too much trouble and I ask a lot of questions! Lol. Not only did Meg and Adam do a weekly live which covered everything listed and more, usually lasting around 3 hours, they also went out through the week and filmed videos on how to correctly introduce your puppy to people, dogs and environmentals. Basically how you should properly "socialise" your dog which I know alot of people got wrong. This was also varied to allow for different situations. I'm gutted this course has ended as I looked forward to the weekly live to learn more.
Anyone who gets the opportunity to join the course should definitely do so as you won't regret it and will be setting up yourself and your dog for lots of wins. There is nothing I could fault
Beth, Charley, Shadow & Drogo
I wanted to say a big thank you 🤗 to Meg and Adam for sharing so much of their wisdom and experience during the 6 weeks of this course. I’ve learnt a lot and there has been a lot of food for thought to reflect upon. Our COVID lock down here in Melbourne meant I wasn’t able to join the lives for the last 2 weeks (Manager Infection Control at the epicentre metro region) but I am looking forward to catching up on them this weekend as we are being released by lockdown tomorrow 👏👏 fingers crossed 🤞 as I am on call for contact tracing this weekend.
Always love your work Meg 😘
Maureen & Gitana
Finally I have got around to saying a huge thank you to Meg and Adam.
What a wonderful, informative, entertaining and thoughtful few months!
Importantly I have learnt heaps!
I love everyone’s reviews as they express what I’m thinking so well… not much I can add apart from - thank you, thank, thank you!!
Sue & Max
Having recently completed the Parkview Puppy Masterclass I would love to give it a huge thumbs up👍.
I would and will recommend to anyone looking at getting a pup to go through the class, it provides so much valuable info about raising the puppy right from the moment you pick it up and bring it home.
It certainly shows how important the early stages of puppyhood are, and the future benefits you can be rewarded with in your adult dog.
Has definitely improved my knowledge on how to raise and care for a puppy from day 1 and will enable me to put a plan in place to achieve a well balanced dog for the life of the dog.
Meg and Adam work great together, making it very informative and entertaining to watch.
Currently re-watching from the start as there is so much valuable info and tip to absorb.
Huge thanks Adam and Meg.🤎🤎💛💛👌
Ben & Amy - Prospective Starkehre Puppy Owners