Starkehre Rottweilers

How Our Puppies Are Raised - Puppy Culture


Our puppies are born and nurtured in our home and raised in a stimulus rich environment. They are given the best possible start to life by being raised in accordance with the “Puppy Culture” rearing and socialization protocols. This program has been designed to provide such things for puppies as larger brain mass development with more neuro connections, superior learning ability and retention, superior ability to recover from stressful situations. This is known as “the enrichment effect.” Some of the components we include in this enrichment effect are diverse socialization, early neurological stimulation, emotional resiliency exercises, problem solving exercises, startle/recovery exercises, passive and interactive enrichment. We also set up our puppies to be ready for their new forever homes by providing each of them with crate training, toilet training, leash training and developing confident enrichment seeking puppies. The puppies are well socialized with people of all ages including children and a variety of breeds of dogs. All this training is performed at the scientifically proven appropriate time in their emotional, physiological and neurological development.

We invite you to review our videos below depicting some of the Puppy Culture work we do with our puppies  -