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Juvenile Laryngeal Paralysis & Polyneuropathy JLPP

Within the last couple of years, overseas labs have identified the genetic markers in the Rottweiler for the disease Juvenile Laryngeal Paralysis and Polyneuropathy (JLPP).


Most of those of us whom are heavily involved in the Pedigreed Rottweiler community will already know about JLPP. However it would be likely that the majority of pet Rottweiler owners and those researching to find their new puppy still do not know about it. There are also still some breeders who are not aware of this disease because much of this information now available has only recently come to light.

Breeders must test all of their own breeding dogs and bitches and also require to view the JLPP test results from any outside stud dogs before using them. Only Clear to Clear, Carrier to Clear or Clear to Carrier should be bred.

JLPP's mode of inheritance is simple autosomal recessive and if we are testing, arming ourselves with knowledge and breeding sensibly with a plan for a wonderful healthy future for the Rottweiler, we will be able to prevent further spread of this devastating disease and hopefully in time eradicate it all together. Clear and Carrier puppies are healthy and will never exhibit any symptoms of JLPP. It is ONLY when Carrier is bred to Carrier that JLPP becomes apparent phenotypically. Such breedings will produce approx. 25% affected puppies.

My concerns are that more than ever it is crucial that persons looking to purchase a Rottweiler ensure that their breeder is doing genetic testing for JLPP and they are not breeding carrier to carrier. JLPP is not symptomatic in affected/at risk puppies until around 10-12 weeks of age, so issues rarely surface until puppies have already been placed in their forever homes.

Unfortunately many ANKC registered breeders of Rottweilers are not breeding in accordance with the National Breed Council of Australia NRC(a). Puppy buyers should be ensuring that their prospective breeder is an NRC(a) breeder as the NRCA is currently drawing up proposals to make testing for JLPP mandatory for their members. Prior to compulsory testing being implemented many of us breeders are already being proactive and getting this done. We are requesting test kits from OFA (US) and/or Laboklin (Europe), conducting the swab or blood collections here and sending the samples back to the labs. We are being told that DNA testing for JLPP will be available here in Australia sometime this year, but we are not waiting.


Are You Looking To Buy A Rottweiler Puppy?

Identifying the genetic marker for JLPP is good news. Please do not panic. Do not let this put you off. With careful and ethical breeding practises, breeders can guarantee puppy buyers from their puppy becoming AFFECTED with JLPP. In time breeders can easily eradicate this disease with careful and ethical breeding practises. There is absolutely no reason for puppy buyers to be scared. All the puppy buyers needs to do is ask the breeder to show them official documentation that the sire and dam of your puppy are either both JLPP CLEAR or that only one of them is a CARRIER. Do NOT take their word for it. 

BYBs and ANKC registered breeders who are NOT testing for JLPP, must be steered clear of as they have the real potential of breeding AFFECTED puppies. This is an incredibly shocking disease to see developing in a young puppy. No breeder or puppy owner ever wants to go through this. Most puppies before 12 months of age from this insidious disease, usually fatal or euthenased by 5-7 months old.

**Rottweiler breeders who tell you that JLPP is not in Australia are sadly very mistaken.

**Rottweiler breeders who tell you that JLPP is not in their lines must be able to back up this statement with "VERIFIED" and documented test results. Insist on seeing the results and ensure they are verified results, not from swabs they collected themselves.

If anyone would like to find out more information on JLPP, please feel welcome to join the JLPP Australia fb group

Please click on the link below to view a short, educational video made here in Australia by an ethical ANKC, NRC(a) breeder who sadly experienced this disease a couple of years ago through no fault of her own and has been working tirelessly with colleagues to find answers and educate others. 
Please note, have your tissues handy.

JLPP in Rottweilers 23 Jan 2017 Australia