Starkehre Rottweilers

Training & Behaviour Reviews


I’ve had a number of online sessions with Meg in the past two years, and I’m humbled by the experience of dog handling she possesses and the progress I’ve had with my dog from her support and advice.
The level of support she provides is second to none, through one to one calls, videos she provides of her own training with her dogs and messages of advice, and more importantly her constant encouragement.

I’ve got a Rottweiler, reactive to other dogs and also, what I’ve learnt through Meg, a dog with slight insecurities from my inexperience in picking up on her behaviour and me feeding this behaviour. This to me is what I value the most from my sessions with Meg. The learning about how my behaviour, although from good intentions, actually counter acts the desired behaviour from my dog. The insight in dogs “thinking” and the relation to our human reaction to it. The straight forward actual training advice is brilliant and have helped us enormously, but to truly start to understand how my actions might, and have, fed my dogs continued non desired behaviour is a game changer.

To have the opportunity to listen to, and ask questions to someone with the level of knowledge Meg has is a privilege. And I also appreciate her straight talk and honesty about any situation. To me this is key, as our dogs don’t sugar coat it, so to help understand the issue/challenge, I don’t need sugar coating from a trainer. Meg's totally committed to, and passionate about, not only to help with hands on “how to’s” on specific topics ranging from getting my dog off the halti, to how to deal with neighbours kids calling my dog through the fence leading to over excitement, to the deeper rooted understanding of the why’s, of the behaviour.

A massive thank you Meg for what you’ve done in helping me train, improve my dog, all that you taught me, and for your endless positive encouragement.

Sofia & Lottie


I would 100% recommend Meg, her knowledge on dogs is just outstanding. Meg has helped me on multiple occasions with training my dogs via face time, demos and explanations. She always motivates and encourages me to be better and to better my dogs without being a 'know it all' She's always on hand to help me in a crisis, even though I'm in the UK.

I've followed her journeys on breeding and puppy raising and I can honestly say she is one of the best out there who breeds for the right reasons to better the breed. I would love to have a puppy from Meg, You will never find a puppy that's had a better start in life.

Sophie, Thor, Taz and Lexie