Starkehre Rottweilers

Puppy Inquiry FAQ's

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If you're considering applying to add a Starkehre Rottweiler puppy to your home, please feel most welcome to read on

This FAQs page is designed to address some of the most common queries we are asked. Of course we are available via email for any other questions you may have, but this will give you some information to get you started


Q: How does your puppy application process work please?

A: We request that your initial contact with us to be via email [email protected]
We'll respond to your email in a timely fashion.
If you wish to continue along our obligation free process, we will email you a copy of our Starkehre Rottweilers Puppy Questionnaire to be completed and returned.
Once we've reviewed your responses, we'll make contact for an informal chat.
If both parties are feeling excited to proceed and confident that this is a good fit, the next step is we will invite you to our home to meet us and our dogs. We prefer this to all take place prior to puppies being born, if possible.
Typically after your visit we'll feel comfortable to advise that you've been given pre-approval. This means that if there's a suitable puppy available in our next litter, it will be offered to you to purchase. From this point on, we all play the waiting game and we encourage as many questions as you wish to ask.


Q: Is there anything else we need to do?

A: As an integral component of this screening process, you will be required to enroll and complete the Parkview Puppy Masterclass and spend the following weeks absorbing the invaluable information this fabulous course has to offer. There are no assignments to do, no work to hand in. It is a very enjoyable, easy to follow video podcast style format class constructed over 6 weeks. You can take as long as you need or binge watch it. There are loads of bonus example training videos and classes. This course has been formatted around the way we raise and train puppies and you'll find it invaluable.
Your willingness to invest in this step and really involve yourself shows us how dedicated you are to raise your puppy the best way possible. We will also see this as you showing your trust in our decision making and our commitment to doing the right thing by the puppies we breed.
The cost of the Puppy Masterclass is $200 (significantly discounted as it is now a late entry class now, but you'll be personally supported by me as required) and if you purchase one of our puppies, you will be fully refunded the cost of the Puppy Masterclass. Regardless if you end up with our puppy or you get a puppy elsewhere, the Masterclass is always available to you and will be priceless as far as helping you to raise any breed of puppy.


Q: Can I contact you after I have picked up my puppy?

A: Yes. Our owners are welcome to can contact us anytime. This service is available 24/7 for the lifetime of your Starkehre puppy/dog. We will provide guidance in any aspect that we can, training, behavioural advice, emotional and practical support. We are always there for our owners. Getting a new puppy is very exciting but it is also a lot of hard work and extremely tiring. We understand this and we will support you through this challenging time and for years on going


Q: What is included in my puppy purchase?

A: Our puppies are ANKC registered with Dogs Victoria, on either Mains or Limited Register (on a case by case basis).  They are wormed, vaccinated, vet checked and microchipped. Puppies leave here with a comprehensive puppy pack including an information file (diet, grooming, training etc) hereditary disease guarantee, lifetime 24/7 breeder support, complimentary training sessions and ongoing training and general advice, pet insurance, sales agreement, food, toys, blanket, lead and collar. There are usually additional gifts thrown in like battery operated nail file etc
As mentioned above the 6 week Parkview Puppy Masterclass is also included as a refund off the puppy purchase.
Prior to each puppy leaving us, we scan their microchip and have the new owner confirm that they are receiving the puppy that is certified on its ANKC Pedigree and other relevant paperwork


Q: Do you send puppies interstate?

A: Yes, this is something we can do. We organise the transport at the new owner's cost


Q: Am I able to meet the parents of my puppy?

A: We may or may not own the sire (father) and this is normal for breeders as they want to diversify and add quality virtues and genetics to their breeding program. The sire may live elsewhere and we may be utilising Artificial Insemination for the breeding. We will have information, photographs, health certificates for the stud dog and they are usually on this website.
We will own the dam (mother) of our puppies as well as other relatives. All our potential puppy people are invited to come and meet our dogs in our home


Q: Am I able to talk to an owner of an older dog you've bred?

A: Yes, this is something we can arrange. We have provided this service several times


Q: Am I able to meet an adult dog you've bred that is owned by someone else?

A: Covid and distance dependant, this should be something that we can organise for you if you are willing to travel. We have arranged this previously


Q: Am I able to view your home, where the puppies are born and raised?

A: Of course. All our potential puppy people are invited to our home which is where our puppies are born and raised


Q: Am I able to spend time interacting with the puppies and their relatives?

A: If you've been given pre-approval, you will be invited back to meet the puppies once they are around 4-6 weeks old. Additionally, if you're willing to roll up your sleeves and get down and dirty with us, we may invite you to spend half a day or so helping me with Puppy Culture training, do an off campus excursion and some basic puppy husbandry chores. This definitely includes tactile enrichment. It is a great opportunity to learn and have some wonderful puppy cuddles


Q: Am I able to choose my own puppy or have it choose me?

A: Sorry, but it is extremely rare that any quality breeder will allow a pet person to choose their puppy. In explanation, as a responsible breeder we are well versed and experienced in assessing dog behaviour. We spend literally every minute of every day with the puppies from birth until they go to their forever homes. Potential puppy people only see a short window of mood of any given puppy on any given day. This changes all the time depending upon their fatigue, hunger etc. Temperament is far more complex. It is important to us that our owners trust us regarding this process


Q: How much are your puppies?

A: This is a conversation we prefer to have with individual inquirers when they make contact with us


Q: Can I give you a deposit to secure a puppy now?

A: We don't request and will not accept any payment until such time as we identify which puppy is going to each home. We only ask for a deposit around this time because we commence investing money into our individual owners by way of training classes/school registration, puppy naming, veterinary certificates etc. This is typically when the puppies are around 5-7 weeks of age. Prior to this time, your dedication, contact and keenness to learn is the best way to put you in line for one of our puppies


Q: I'd like to purchase 2 puppies from the same litter. Is this possible?

A: Sorry, no. We will not sell 2 puppies from the same litter to the one home.
Litter Sibling Syndrome is a significant behavioural issue that is multi faceted and very challenging to deal with, even for very experienced owners. We're very happy to discuss this further with you if you would like more information or alternatively, please research Litter Sibling Syndrome


Q: If I'm unable to keep my puppy/dog for any reason, will you take it back?

A: As an ANKC NRC(A) breeder, we are bound by COE as well as our own ethical obligation to take back or assist to re-home any dog we have bred, if the owner finds themselves unable to keep the dog. We take this responsibility very seriously


Q: It's been a long time since I've raised a puppy and it seems that things are very different now. Can you help me train and raise my puppy?

A: Most definitely. We are dedicated to assisting our owners in raising their puppy the right way. We've mentioned above that we provide the Parkview Puppy Masterclass Course. As well as this we will be more than happy to create training videos for you, meet up for 1:1 training sessions, environmental conditioning outings, dog socialization, nail care, bathing, vet visits. Anything you need, we'll always be there for you


Q: I don't have plans to show, train/trial my dog. Do you sell puppies as pets?

A: Absolutely. Many of the puppies we breed go into amazing, loving pet homes with families or single owners.
We assess every inquiry on its own merit and select the best puppy to suit you and your individual lifestyle