Starkehre Rottweilers

Owner Reviews


I am the proud owner of a Starkehre Rottweiler, and have nothing but praise and admiration for Meg Lewis. Bonn, my beautiful bitch, is a loving, trustworthy, diligent, stable and confident girl, and not to mention drop dead gorgeous. Bonn is an accredited Therapy Dog with Dogs Victoria, and this is a testament to sound breeding, rearing and on going training that one must commit to when owning a dog.
Meg is committed, generous and supportive to her puppy family. She goes above and beyond to give guidance and support to ensure owners and puppy are thriving.
Her commitment to preserving the integrity of the Rottweiler through diligent breeding and raising of puppies is quite remarkable. Her knowledge across multiple disciplines in dog sports is admirable, and she is only willing to support owners who may wish to pursue such sports. One only needs to peruse through Meg's various awards and videos to see the proof in the pudding. Who can walk 5 Rottweilers loose leash through the streets? Meg can.
Meg is not only the breeder of Bonn, she is a dear friend. I can assure any potential puppy buyer that you will be blown away and for ever grateful that you are the proud owner of a Starkehre puppy.

Callie, owner of Bonn, "Movie Title" litter


As owners of Rotties for over 30 years, the choice of breeder for our new pup was of utmost importance. We wanted solid bloodlines without health issues, temperament and a well rounded dog. After discussions with Meg at Starkehene Rottweilers, we felt she met our ideals, especially with her Puppy Culture ethos.
Meeting Meg's other dogs showed that her breeding program was about well balanced all rounders. Her Puppy Culture program gave us a pup that at 8 weeks was already well socialised to differing environments etc. Her vetting of potential owners is well thought out and in the best interests of her pups. Meg has been very supportive since we got scout and the K9 training forums were very informative and useful. Scout is now a wonderful 8 month old bundle of fun. She has formed a great attachment to us and we are her world. Scout has adjusted to our nearly 12 year old Rott quite well and knows her boundaries. The support guidance and overall dedication of Meg has ensured that in our opinion we have the best pup in the world


Bill, Denise and Scout "Dire Straits" litter




From the moment I contacted Starkehre Rottweilers I knew they were different from any other breeder I had been involved with in the past when getting our other 3 Rottweilers. They were all about the dogs and the breed itself, ensuring the breed are raised as well rounded dogs that fit easily into a family home and society. The support and knowledge Meg shared with us was above and beyond, even to this day and our baby has just turned 1.

We had never encountered Puppy Culture before, but after seeing the results in our baby Luna we would highly recommend it. Luna not only got this learning/teaching during her early days but Meg also provide us with all the information required to continue it after Luna came home. Along with this information Meg's FB posts have provide invaluable tools to raise Luna into the beautiful well balanced dog that she is.

If you are looking at getting a Rottweilers that you want to raise as a socially well balanced dog we highly recommend Starkehre Rottweilers is the place to start. They may be called breeders but they are far just breeders, they are more than that, they bring puppies into a gorgeous well rounded home/family and ensure the forever home they place them in will continue their hardwork to raise them the same. Thank you Meg, Mark, Dance and your beautiful dog's for choosing us to be Luna's foverever home we will be forever grateful

Jen Sorace and Luna "Dire Straits" Litter